Tax Wizard

To give us your information through an online form (instead of printing and scanning our tax worksheets) use our new Tax Wizard! Click whichever link below applies to you:

Tax Wizard for New Clients

Tax Wizard for Returning Clients

Flight Crew Worksheet and Flight Calendar (only for people in these states: AL, AR, CA, HI, MN, MS or NY)


If you have been using the fillable PDF of the flight calendar you can still access it here. If you need the fillable Flight Crew Worksheet it’s here.


Want to scan all of your documents into 1 PDF using your Android phone? Here is a tutorial Tim made: (Instructions for iPhone below)

iPhone option: use the built in pdf creator
1. Go to the Note app and create a new note page
2. Select the picture of the camera at the bottom of the screen
3. It will ask you different options you will select “Scan Documents”,
4. After that it will pull up the camera which will work like a scanner
5. Once you take a picture of the first document you can continue taking more pictures, if you need to capture multiple pages. Click “Save” when all pages have been captured.
6. Once finished, click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, then choose “Send a copy”. You can choose to email or text us your documents. Email us at or use our texting number 505-596-6766).